Evaluation of Genetic Diversity of Local-Colored Rice Landraces Using SSR Markers

       Analysis of genetic diversity of 90 Vietnamese local-colored rice accessions was carried out using 40 SSR markers. The numbers of polymorphic alleles ranged from 3 to 12 alleles per locus and average of 7.1 alleles per locus. The similarity coefficients of the rice landraces fluctuated from 0.76 to 0.93; at a genetic correlation level of 0.78. Ninety accessions of rice landraces were divided into five groups based on analysis of genetic relationships. The results have indicated that 11 markers included M250, RM302, RM10926, RM208, RM227, RM17231, RM23251, RM5647, RM1376, RM339 and RM228 which gave the unique allele. These markers can be used effectively for genetic diversity of colored rice and provided a specific database and useful materials for landraces identification, local germplasm conservation for further colored rice improvement on rice quality via rice breeding programs in Vietnam.

Full paper: click here

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