The status of vegetable production at Van Con, Hoai Duc, Ha Noi

     The farmers of seven villages in Van Con commune were participated in a survey about the status of vegetable production. The labour force involved in the production of vegetables were mainly women, the average age of farmers was 50 years old. The vegetable production area accounted from 50% to 100% of the total agricultural area. There are four vegetable groups: Short growing period leafy vegetable group; Long growing period flower and leafy vegetable group; Short growing period fruiting vegetable group; and Long growing period fruiting vegetable group. Water sources used to irrigate vegetables are from wells, rivers, ditches, ponds and lakes. After harvesting, vegetable is often sold immediately in the field for the wholesalers and some of the households sell at local markets with variable prices. The average income from vegetable production is from 2-6 million VND per 360 m2 depending on on market prices and kind of vegetable. Most farmers in Van Con do not use plant growth hormone in vegetable production. However, this region has a high level of vegetable production intensification (about 7-10 vegetable seasons per year) so the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are highly applied for vegetable and hardly to control.

Vegetable production plays an important role in economy of the most of the surveyed households in Van Con commune. Some households in the commune have been trained in safe vegetable production (VietGap standards). However, due to high intensive cultivation of vegetable from 7-10 million per planting seasons per year has led to the overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that adversely affecting health of consumers. Therefore, the construction of organic vegetable production demonstration in the commune is necessary in conservation, improvement of soil health, ensure the health of producers and consumers. Specially, the development of organic vegetable production will contribute to increasing income for local people because currently in Vietnam, particularly in big cities likes Hanoi where the demand for organic vegetables is increasing.

Full text: The status of vegetable production at Van Con,  Hoai Duc, Ha Noi

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