Project Proposal: Investigation of Agronomical Traits of Colored Upland Rice Collection for Promoting Use in Vietnam

Principal Implementing Organization:  Plant Resources Center, VAAS

Principal Investigator: Nguyen Khac Quynh

Project Start/End Dates: 2015 – 2017 (36 months)

  1. Goal

To exploit efficiently plant genetic resources for promoting use in food and agriculture.

  1. Objectives

–         To promote efficient exploitation of colored upland rice collection conserved in the seed genebank for use;

–         To share elite colored UR resources and related information for breeding, study and production;

–         To enhance human resources capacity for PGR conservation through trainings, workshops.

  1. Outcomes:

–          200 colored UR accessions will be characterized based on agronomical traits;

–          About 5~7 colored UR accessions will be selected from 200 colored UR ones for  promoting use;

–          One catalogue of 200 accessions of colored UR will be published;

–          One research paper related colored UR in Vietnam will be published by a prestigious journal inVietnam or Korea;

–          About 20 – 30 researchers of the PRC and its network members will be trained on PGR conservation; 20-30 farmers will be trained on sustainable upland rice production.

  1. Project Activities

–          Regeneration and characterization of colored UR accessions.

Sorting data and information of specific characters/traits of colored upland rice accessions conserved at the Seed Genebank, there will be 200 colored UR ones chosen for regenerating and characterizing at the first year. These accessions will be characterized and evaluated based on agronomical traits in order to chose out about 30 best ones for experiments by the second year.

–     Standard experiment for selected accession of colored upland rice

There will be about 30 best upland rice accessions multiplied and evaluated in terms of agronomical traits. These accessions will be evaluated in the standard experiment in order to select elite ones for promoting use by the third year.

–          Demonstrating and introducing elite accessions for production in suitable areas 

About 5-7 elite accessions of colored UR selected from 30 colored UR in the second year will be demonstrated at 3 sites represented for 3 ecological regions in Vietnam including North West, North East and North central Coast. The farmers living these sites will be invited to participate in demonstrations as potential users of elite varieties by forthcoming years.

–          Organizing training courses on PGR conservation

Improving human resources capacity of PRC and its member network is a very important activity of project. With technical support from AFACI, the fruitful achievements have been gained at the first phase, therefore, it is recommended that training courses, workshops on PGR conservation would be supported much stronger by AFACI.

  1. Beneficiaries

The major beneficiaries of this project would be rice growing farmers, researchers, seed companies, Departments of Agricultural and Rural Development of Vietnam and Plant Resources Center, VAAS,  AFACI.

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