The establising of DNA banking and their application in plant breeding, bitechnology, biodiversity evaluation

       The DNA technology is largely applied practice in botanical research which made a huge impact on plant breeding, biotechnology DNA biodiversity analysis. DNA is easly extracted from most plant tissues and could be stored for long periods in DNA banks. Preservation methods are well developed for other botanical resources such as herbaria, seed banks, botanic gardens, but procedures for the establishment DNA maintenance of DNA banks have not been well documented. This paper reviews the DNA bank establishment, curation of DNA banks and their application to plant breeding, biotechnology, and biodiversity evaluation including plant DNA collection, preservation, isolation, storage, database management DNA exchange procedures. It í also mentioned that DNA banks require full integration with existing collections such as botanic gardens, herbaria DNA seed banks, ADN information retrieval systems that link such facilities, bioinformatic resources DNA and other DNA banks.
Vu Dang Toan et al.

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