Evaluation of quality and genetic diversity of Vietnam rice variaties

       This research was conducted to evaluate grain quality components of 300 local rice varieties in Vietnam. The results revealed that fifty- five rice varieties have amylose content < 20 % and aroma ≥ 2. Among them, eleven varieties have amylose content, grain shape and aromatic which are equivalent to quality varieties of rice in the world. The results of using 32 SSR markers to analyze the genetic diversity of fifty- five varieties carrying good quality traits showing a total number of 188 alleles were detected at 32 loci with an average of 5.88 alleles per locus; 23 rare alleles and 4 unique alleles at 4 loci were revealed. Polymorphic information content (PIC) values ranged from 0.28 (RM60) to 0.85 (RM215) with an average of  0.67. In addition, genetic similarity coefficient  of 55 studied rice varieties were ranging from 0.45 to 0.94. At genetic similarity coefficient of 0.50, fifty- five rice varieties of quality potential were divided into two large groups. Group 1 comprised 49 rice varieties whose genetic similarity coefficient ranged from 0.52 to 0.94. Group 2 included 6 rice varieties whose genetic similarity coefficient was ranged from 0.57 to 0.61. Thus, the results are very useful for rice conservation and breeding program in Vietnam.

Le Thi Thu Trang et al.

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