“Mèo ngồi” Jack-bean

Popularly cultivated in Vinh Phu, Son La, and Hoa Binh. Cao Bang, Tay Nguyen etc., and currently conserved in the Soil and Fertilizers Research Institute – a member of the National Plant Genetic Resource Network.

dau meo ngoi
Pod and stem

– A shrub with many primary braches, few secondary and tertiary braches.
– Each leaf with 3 leaflets. Light purple flowers emerging from axils. Slightly curved pods of 20 – 30 cm in length, and with many seeds.
– An annual plant with poor regeneration capacity but high biomass. At reasonable density, 3 months after sowing can completely cover the land.
– Leaves and stems contain 2,86 % N, 0,28% P, and 0,64% K
– Biomass yield: 18-20 t/ha with 30% of dry matter

– Sowing in the start of rainy season, using 20-25 kg of seed for each hectare.
– Used as cover crop and for manure.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai, Luong Thi Loan

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