1. Goal

To ensure safe conservation and promote sustainable use of rice genetic resources for food security in Vietnam.

  1. Objectives

–         To prevent the loss of upland rice genetic resources due to rapid decline of the planted area duringrecent years;

–         To improve quality and quantity of upland rice genetic resources conserving in the national gene bank

–         To promote sustainable exploitation and utilization of upland rice genetic resources and related information for breeding, study and production

  1. Outcomes

–          A collection of new 200 upland rice accessions and their passport data will be computerized;

–          A collection of 800 upland rice accessions (including newly collected ones) will  be regenerated, characterized, assessed and conserved safely in the cold store;

–          Database of 800 upland rice accessions will be set up (morphological and agronomical traits and rice quality- amylose content);

–          At the end of each year, an annual report related to project activities will be submitted to AFACI.

–          About 30 – 40 scientists of the PRC and its network members will be trained in Vietnam on exploration and collection, regeneration and evaluation of  rice accessions

  1. Activities

–          Exploration and collection of upland rice accessions in the mountainous areas in Vietnam

There will be 200 upland rice accessions collected from 2012-2014. These accessions will be collected from about 6 provinces (2 Highland Central Provinces, 4 Northern Mountainous Provinces). Each trip, there will be a group of 3 scientists assigned to conduct this mission. After each collecting trip, passport data of new accessions will be computerized, and a report will be finalized.

–          Multiplication and characterization of newly collected upland rice genetic resources on their important traits.

200 newly collected upland rice accessions after collecting trips will be multiplied, purified and characterized.

–     Regeneration and evaluation of upland rice accessions being conserved in Gene Bank.

There will be 600 upland rice accessions keeping in the Gene Bank regenerated and evaluated (morphological and agronomical traits) in the suitably ecological area. There will be about 50 the best upland rice accessions analyzed, evaluated in terms of amylose content. Yearly, after regenerating and evaluating, a report related to this activity will be finalized.

–          Documentation of upland rice genetic resources.

All information related to exploration, collection, regeneration and characterization, evaluation  of upland rice accessions (collecting forms, pictures, characterization and evaluation sheet etc) will be computerized, processed and published by Department of PGR data and information, PRC.

–          Training courses on integrated management of plant genetic resources.

In order to improve human resources capacity of PRC and its member network, some training courses will be organized in Vietnam with technical support from AFACI during implementing this project.

  1. Summary

–          A total of 222 upland rice accessions have been collected from 19 communes of 7 districts in 3 provinces in Vietnam and conserved at the seed genebank of PRC. The passport data of collected accessions have been recorded by PGR data and information Department of PRC. Newly collected accessions have been multiplied, purified and characterized by 16 morphological traits using the IRRI standard. Among them, there have been 201 accessions got enough condition of the seed genbank standard

–          There have been 784 accessions regenerated and characterized successfully by 16 morphological traits using the IRRI standard.

–          50 accessions of upland rice have been introduced for study in the Mountainous Agricultural and Forestry Science Institute (NOMAFSI) and 02 elites accessions of black rice have been introduced for another national project of PRC.

–          Collection, multiplication, characterization data had been incorporated in the database of the PRC by the software GB 1.5, have been managed and posted up on the PRC Website: for everybody can come and access easily.

–          A catalogue of “Passport Data and Minimum Descriptors of Upland Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Germplasm Collected in Viet Nam” has been published . This Catalogue is including data of passport data of 201 collected accessions and minimum descroptor of 807 accessions regenerated from 2012-2014. This catalogue is online on the PRC website (

–       There have been 96 researchers, scientists of PRC and its member network trained, participated to workshops, trainings conducted/supported  by AFACI.

  1.           Beneficiaries

The major beneficiaries of this project would be rice growing farmers, researchers, seed companies, Departments of Agricultural and Rural Development of Vietnam and Plant Resources Center, VAAS,  AFACI.

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