TR4 Coffee

Screened and developed from the coffee germplasm accessions collected from Dak Lak province. Conserved in Tay Nguyen Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute – one of the members of the National Plant Genetic Resource Network.2. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS
– Plant with medium height, many branches, medium sized leaves with sword-shape. Mature leaves are yellowish-green, juvenile leaves are greenish.
– Ovate fruits with red skin and medium sized pits. 750 – 800 fruits weight 1 kg. The weight ratio of pit/beans is 4.1. The weight of 100 beans is 17.1 g. The ratio of good beans is 70.9%.
– Bean yield: 7 t/ha.
– Harvest time: 15 October – 15 December
– Rust resistance

– Propagation: grafting
– A promising variety for commercial coffee production in Tay Nguyen area

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